From a to b by boat in Ghent

Discover Ghent overland and over-water

Enjoy a lovely boat trip in Ghent ? A nice stroll through the streets of Ghent ?

The hop on hop off water-tramway combines the best of these tourist activities. You ‘ll discover Ghent in an original way by walking along and getting on and off the water-tramway as you please.

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Top 50 Must sees in Ghent!

We selected for you fifty of the most beautiful places in Ghent. These must see places were chosen with the greatest care in order to let you discover Ghent in a focussed and relaxed way.

Look at all 50 points on the map.


While you are sailing from one stop to another, you will receive additional information complementary to the city tips and walking routes. Possible languages: English, Dutch, French and German.

Enjoy these interesting stories and let Ghent and his sights get away with you completely.

6 beautiful walking routes

These 50 must sees were used to outline 6 walking routes along the most beautiful places of Ghent. Each walking route starts and ends at a hopspot (stop).

You’ll find these 6 walking routes on the map you receive at the moment of embarkation. A walking booklet with pictures and explanation about the 50 must seesis for sale at € 5


The hop on hop off water-tramway sails every day from April 1st till October 31.

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